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Agencies2Agencies in Riga with Janis Sprenne

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Agencies 2 Agencies in Riga with Janis Sprenne

  • The meetup for agency executives.
  • How to grow your digital agency?
  • From Lead Acquisition to Profitability. 

Exclusive invite-only event

Agencies2Agencies is an exclusive invite-only event for today’s agency executives and key personalities who want to grow through sharing experiences and know-how with other people from agencies. This is a selected group where you can share the real challenges you are facing and the real wins you are celebrating.

The first event took place in San Francisco on the 31st of May, 2018 and, since our company is headquartered in Riga, we are pleased to bring the second event in the series back home.

Focus on agency growth

We’ll focus on agency growth issues that are rarely talked about outside our office walls – competition, positioning and standing out, attracting and retaining talent, finding new clients, saying goodbye to bad fit clients, pricing of services, cash flow, profitability, technology and what the future holds for the industry. Many of these are the non-billable business development and administration tasks and investments that we never have enough time to pay enough attention to, but which tend sooner or later get in the way of growth and profitability.

The discussion panel

As Riga is our home, we are happy to announce the discussion panel with some of the most notable agency personalities. The panel: Kristaps Brencans (On The Map Marketing – Miami, Florida), Maksims Kusnarevs (Digibrand.lv),  Davis Krikauskis (Scandiweb.com) and Alberts Pumpurs (UX Design Agency). The discussion will be hosted by Janis Sprenne.

We’ll be receiving guests with a warm welcome followed by the panel discussion, networking and drinks. Agencies2Agencies will take place from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm on the 18th of July at the Fulfilli office in Riga (Barona iela 21A, 4th floor).

The host of the event is Janis Sprenne, co-founder at Fulfilli who had been running a full-service digital agency for 10 years prior to building productivity tools for other agencies. Over the last year, Janis has been meeting agencies from around the world, learning their techniques and best practices to acquire and handle leads, manage proposals and grow business in today’s environment. Janis will be sharing valuable insights on how to think about positioning, sales process and financial health of an agency by eliminating time we spend on non-billable work.

The audience is selected carefully choosing participants from an agency background to cater for meaningful conversations, future partnerships, shared ideas and insights.

Please expect networking with the community members, snacks and drinks provided.

05:30 PM – Networking and drinks
06:00 PM – Discussion panel hosted by Janis Sprenne
07:00 PM – Networking and drinks

This is a closed event and a valid Eventbrite ticket is required. The regular admission fee is $9.99 and you can obtain a FREE pass by filling out a simple form: fill out the form. After filling the form, on the “Thank you” page we’ll provide a coupon code to be used to get a free Eventbrite ticket.

P.S. Event will be held in Latvian or English depending on the audience