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Business Development for buyers and sellers of Digital Agency services

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  • A marketplace for digital services
  • Connecting buyers and sellers of digital agency services
  • Providing business development value to both

Here is what’s new at Fulfilli. Thanks to long sessions with our strategy agency, we’ve come to realize that both sides of the B2B market that we’re after, are looking for business development value – buyers and sellers of digital services want to skyrocket their business. How can we facilitate it?

Sellers of digital services:

When we look at hundreds of digital service providers, they all look the same – full-service this and that.

Buyers of digital services:

How can an average business owner even understand where to start? Multiple opportunities presented as platforms, technologies, services for different price ranges.

Fulfilli is a business development platform – for both, buyers and sellers of digital services. 

As a biz dev platform, we need to be able to listen, understand the challenge and present a solution.

Business development for digital service providers:

It’s been nearly 3 years since we are listening and understanding the challenges of digital service providers by talking with hundreds of them around the world. We know what a rollercoaster it is with finding right-fit clients, not having enough free time for business development, tight cash-flows and poor profitability among others.

There is no magic bullet but we know what the best agencies do differently than others and we’ve come up with a framework that will help any ambitious team to succeed. And we’re building this framework into our software for agencies to be able to understand where to focus, what’s working, what isn’t and how to scale when you’ve found your offer-market-fit.

Business development for digital service buyers:

Every online project is at a different stage and they are solving different challenges and need a different solution/service provider. Their challenge is to understand who to ask for what, how long is it going to take and how much does it cost? Should I invest in researching service providers? Do I develop a project brief? Can I trust them?

Today the market strongly relies on personal networks and brand recognition.

Our goal is to become the best place to get all the answers and solutions to start and grow any digital product.

Where to start?

We’ve decided to start with a focus on one niche – e-commerce.

How does it work?

  • Sellers: post their best e-commerce offers from strategy to design, development, support and marketing;
  • Buyers: answer a few simple questions and get presented with a solution to their challenge.

When we have all the solutions to any e-commerce challenge, we provide real and tangible value to any e-commerce business. They can safely and transparently search, browse, connect and buy!

How can you participate?

Develop your best e-commerce offer along any of these technologies and services:

  • Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others;
  • E-commerce store development with custom design (any/all platforms);
  • E-commerce store development from a template;
  • Custom E-commerce web design;
  • Front-end solutions for busy e-commerce stores;
  • Specific Backend solutions and integrations;
  • Migration from platform X to Z;
  • Upgrade from version 1 to 2;
  • Support and maintenance (subscription plans, on-demand, emergency);
  • Speed and performance optimization;
  • Performance marketing for e-commerce (any service separately or a package);
  • E-commerce Analytics set-up;
  • E-commerce SEM/SEO;
  • Solution X integration into Platform Y;
  • POS development / support;
  • ERP integrations;
  • E-commerce Mobile app development;

Or any other combination of services that makes sense to your customer.

Are we accepting other types of offers and services?

Yes, we are. Our next focus in line is all best offers for website, mobile app, custom software, startup – strategy, design, development, support and marketing.

What should you do? 

  1. Create a Fulfilli account for digital agencies;
  2. Select your Targeting;
  3. Develop your Agency Profile;
  4. Choose your plan:
    1. Business
    2. Professional
  5. Develop and post your best offer;
  6. Analyze performance, experiment and iterate.

Special limited-availability Offer for E-commerce service providers

We offer to work together with Fulfilli’s team to go through the process and develop your best e-commerce offer, build an audience and convert them into buying customers.

Learn more about the special eCommerce offer

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