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Social Media Marketing Video Ads – White-Label Video Production Service

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  • Mobile-first video ads delivery service
  • Lighting-fast production in less than 3 hours
  • Reseller-friendly HD videos made from stock footage

Snappy Video Ads Made for Social Media

Video is the most effective way to connect and engage with customers on social and mobile. This is why it’s important to create video ads that fit perfectly into the mobile user experience.

If you are a digital marketing agency, we can help you add high-engaging video ads to your product lineup without adding more employees. You work with your client and we deliver high-quality stock-footage HD videos while your client loves you for improved customer engagement and return on ad spend.

Our streamlined production system allows us to create mobile-first video ads from stock-footage lightning-fast and approachable.

Attention-grabbing promotional videos

Mobile-first social media videos serve as a tool to grab and hold attention while the ad copy does its job to fulfill campaign objectives. They are short attention-grabbing videos used as a bait to attract interest and sales. Our videos generally are 6 to 15 seconds long and are designed to catch the eye and deliver ad copy, which conveys a message or earns a click. They are good for brand awareness, product and service promotion or teaser campaigns.

What does mobile-first mean exactly?

People hold their phones vertically 90% of the time, like when they are scrolling the timeline or using most of the apps. Traditional, horizontal videos are less likely to catch the eye and grab attention.

Vertical and Square creatives are the solution recommended by Facebook and other platforms.

Another aspect is that 85% of videos are watched with no sound, which means your content needs to do the heavy lifting. We make sure a brand is visible by adding a logo watermark from the very beginning.

Streamlined video production system

We have made creating video ads lightning-fast and approachable for any brand that is looking to connect with their customers on social or mobile. Our streamlined production system allows us to create mobile-first video ads from stock-footage in less than 3 hours on average.

With access to more than 15 million video clips from content providers such as Shutterstock and Getty Images, your video, once purchased, comes with a lifetime license for unlimited use and publishing online.

  • Mobile-first video ad production
  • delivered as .mp4 files in HD Quality
  • in less than 1 day
  • 3 video sizes – Square, Vertical and Wide
  • Branding customization – logo, colors, and fonts
  • Good for Google and YouTube ads
  • Facebook/Instagram video stories and ads
  • Twitter video ads / LinkedIn video ads
  • 100% reseller-friendly white-label solutions

Ok, show me some examples

Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the style, quality, or copy adjustment of your video, contact us within 3 days of delivery and we will fix it for free.

Our Process

1. Tell us what you need

  • Campaign platforms, target audience, objective and style
  • Provide brand elements (font, color code, logo)
  • Send us campaign materials (copy, design).

2. Review and approve the order

  • Your Account Manager will review the request and will provide you with order details.
  • Once the order is approved, video production begins and is soon after completed.

3. Your video production team gets to work

  • Your Account Manager will receive your approval
  • The video production team will begin working in accordance with the time plan. 

4. Review and approve your video ads

  • Once videos are made, we will send you a notification for review and approval.
  • After approval HD .mp4 video files are delivered.
  • Any revisions can be submitted back via platform, Slack or email.

Add attention-grabbing promotional videos to your agency’s product lineup today!

P.S. We work exclusively with digital agencies by providing reseller friendly white-label video ad production service.


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