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Streamline your digital agency – more leads, happier clients and extra revenue

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This is a brand new approach to streamlining your digital agency – more leads, happier clients and extra revenue. 

As you know, agencies are always after big-ticket clients and there are only so many of them but most businesses who have a website need a thing or two to be fixed or updated now and then. If you streamline the process, then 10 or 20 small projects equal to 1 bigger project.

We have a few case studies to prove this. There are multi-million dollar agencies who grew on this concept – take small support tasks, always say Yes to a project of any size, grow your network and be on top of their mind when they need something bigger.

The secret is in streamlining the whole lead-generation-to-delivery process so that it is 100% efficient. 

Here is how it works:

  • we provide you with:
    • the whole lead generation funnel
      • landing page content you adjust for your brand and DNA
      • high-engagement video ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to generate leads
      • campaign support and optimization for conversion rates
    • a 24×7 support platform where you submit your leads/tasks and get them estimated on the same day and delivered upon approval
  • you generate traffic to the landing page, get leads and do account management. Your terms, your pricing;
  • your clients communicate with you and at all times you’re 100% in control.

Ad example:

What support services can you start offering?

Today we can streamline support services for any of the following platforms – WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and Laravel. 

Why it works?

As said before, agencies are not targeting this niche because most of the time it is expensive to manage small tasks. It only works at scale. When you market yourself as the best support company, you’re telling the world, you’ll be there when they need you. 

What are you getting:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Free Estimation
  • 100% cost control
  • Minimum project size: 1 hour
  • Rates starting from $45/hour
  • World Class Customer Support
  • Streamlined Onboarding and Workflow

Final thoughts:

Based on the current situation in the world, businesses need to cut costs and become more efficient. We already see a drop in costs to run ads on most of the platforms. If your brand is strong and conversion rates are good, then this is a good and viable option on how to generate leads and extra revenue risk-free.  

Send us a message or book a call if you’d like to learn more and get a demo.

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