Magento data migration

Data transfer from Magento 1.X to 2.X made easy. We will transfer the required data from your existing Magento store to the latest version.

Data migration might be tricky as Magento has quite a database architecture - records split across multiple tables referencing each other and the built-in export tools cannot get all of it. Let us know what data you need to be migrated and we will take care of it. 

Professional service

Our staff is specialized in Magento and has extensive experience migrating data from various systems to Magento 2. This knowledge is crucial, especially when migrating complex data such as EAV info or configurable products.  

We care

We will ensure the data is migrated properly and there is no data loss in the process. After the migration, a member from our quality assurance team will go over the migrated data and ensure it is working properly.

Years of Magento experience

Some of our experts have worked on Magento since Magento version 1.5 and since then Magento has changed a lot. The experience with various versions helps us migrate the data properly so nothing is lost or damaged.

Express delivery available 24/7

Sometimes you just cannot wait, we get that. That is why it is possible to get an express delivery of this data migration service.

Cost estimate

Milestone Price
Base fee for data migration

  • Includes 20 hours of service (development & quality assurance)
  • Time to action: 2 weeks

Est. delivery: 2 weeks

$ 1,700.00
$ 1,700.00

Terms and guarantees

  • Extra time – 85 USD/ h (optional). Large data and complex information transfers may take longer. We will provide an accurate estimate upon seeing the data to be migrated
  • Urgent request Time to action: 1 day X2 (optional)

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