MVP (minimum viable product) development for startups

Develop a scalable MVP for your startup with enough features to satisfy early customers or investors in 6 weeks

We will evaluate your technical specification and prepare milestones for your project. We shall deliver an enterprise-grade solution with cutting edge user experiences without compromising on scalability. 

A proven approach to startup success

Our team has founded and worked for successful early-stage startups, hence we understand the pain points and sacrifices that are made to deliver a product under strict deadlines. 

We adopt the agile approach to Software development, which means all features will be estimated into story points and scheduled into sprints. This allows for an accurate delivery schedule and flexibility should you want to change any features during our MVP development process. 

Who is this for?

  • Startups looking to build an MVP under a strict budget and timeline

MVP Software development 

We plan to deliver an MVP within a 6 week period based on any of the following technology stacks:

  • Angular 2/4/5/6
  • React / Flutter / Vue.js
  • iOS 
  • Android
  • MongoDb, Express, Node.js

Note: UI Design and Technical specification is not included 

If you require UX/UI design or Product market-fit planning, please check out the following deals:  

Case Study: TOAD

"Their adaptability and ability to respond to technical challenges were impressive. Complex technical principles have been communicated in an easily digestible way, which has hugely helped the wider team to understand and be part of the product development." - CEO of

Web Platform:

We can work with only a few projects at a time and our spots are being fully reserved often. Make sure to book it right now while there is availability.

Cost estimate

Milestone Price
Discovery and Planning session

During our initial discovery call, we shall introduce ourselves and discuss your product idea, concepts, and approach.

Est. delivery: 1 day

$ 500.00
Software Development (~6 weeks)

Minimum of two senior developers allocated

Note: UI Design and Technical specification is not included

** The cost can increase if additional functionality non-critical to your product’s MVP is included, e.g: Login, Signup, Settings

Est. delivery: 6 weeks

~$ 15,000.00
~ $ 15,500.00

Terms and guarantees

  • Risk-free to start
  • 14-day money-back guarantee on the first milestone

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