Fulfilli Story

Starting a Digital Agency

Fulfilli origins date back to 2007 when we launched one of the first digital performance agencies and grew it to become a Top Digital Agency in the market – a full-service in-house digital team of 10 people working with major brands in telecommunications, banking, and technology. We fully automated lead acquisition and were generating 100s of leads a year from our website alone. 

Launching Fulfilli

To handle 100s of leads we needed to automate Project Briefing and Cost Estimation and we did. Our interactive form landed us 15,000 visits over the first month and generated numerous leads. It was not only building rapport with the audience but also collecting project requirements while generating and qualifying leads. This is how Fulfilli was born as we decided to go all-in and help other agencies find new clients and free up time and resources for business development.

Building a Top Digital Agency

Over the last 3 years, we have worked with 100s of agencies and have developed agency growth framework as well as a platform to start and run a successful agency business. We have researched agency business models, processes, services, and pricing and we know exactly what makes a successful agency. Today Fulfilli is a platform and community to BUILD A TOP DIGITAL AGENCY!


Jānis Sprenne
Jānis Sprenne
CEO, Founder
I started a digital agency from my kitchen and grew it to a top3 performance agency in the country.
Matiss Berzins
Matiss Berzins
CTO, Founder
I started building websites when I was 16 and have helped to build 100s of business websites and systems.