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Magento pricing: Development Costs and Rates

How much does it cost to run a Magento store?

Magento pricing

Real Magento website development costs depend on a Magento developer’s hourly rate and the total time necessary for them to deploy the requested functionality. The initial development of a professional Magento store by a specialized Magento agency with an average global hourly rate would cost anywhere from $21 646 to $148 471

Magento developer rates

We analyzed data on 74 specialized Magento Development companies and 134 other agencies working with Magento. Globally the average rate to hire a specialized Magento agency is $63.85 per hour and $56.88 to hire an agency that provides Magento design and development services in addition to other services.

Magento theme: Costs to start a basic store with a Magento theme

The price for a basic Magento store with standard functionality built with a Magento theme and without much custom development starts from $21 646 based on a global average Magento developer’s hourly rate, which is $63.85 per hour to hire a specialized Magento agency.

Custom design: Magento store development costs with a custom design

Magento customization would come at the Magento developer’s rate but total costs to start a Magento store with a high-quality custom design include research, conceptual planning, custom design and implementation costs and typically project management and quality assurance costs come in addition. The price for a custom design Magento store which is modified for your needs and includes typical functionality starts from $32 871

Magento support and maintenance costs

Typically Magento agencies charge a 2-3x hourly rate for urgent fixes. When an update can wait, an on-demand support and maintenance service will cost you the agency’s Magento developer’s rate and you might need to wait for 2 weeks or more to get an update or a fix. For a busy Magento store select an agency that provides a monthly pricing plan for your support and maintenance needs and you’ll be getting guaranteed resources and better pricing.

Magento hosting costs

As you scale your Magento store, your hosting costs will go up. Costs of Magento hosting start from $10/month and can reach $300/month for a shared server and the plan you need depends on your daily visitor count and the necessary storage and bandwidth. Managed Magento hosting and dedicated servers start at around $200/month and can reach $600 or more for a busy store.

Magento license costs

Installing and using Magento Open Source (former Magento Community) is free and it has all you need to build and grow your online store from the ground up. The license cost for a paid Magento Commerce (former Magento Enterprise) installation starts from $22,000 and you should consult with your Magento development agency when it’s time to switch or beneficial to start with a paid Magento license.

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