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Amoniac OU

Website Development Company

Amonia? OU engaged in full cycle web development. From absolutely small MVP applications to large-scale products with millions of end-users. Our main idea is to free our partner from daily routine work give possibility on focus on growing business and new clients. For our company each client is unique we provide him with his personal service. We will not just write clean code at the client’s request.
Amoniac OU

Company details

Website Development Company

Agency size: 20-49
Year founded: 2014
Min. project size: $ 5000
Min. hourly rate: 25 $/h
Main Location
  Tallinn, Estonia
Target markets
  Kyiv, Ukraine
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A service that allows delivering only the advertising that is interesting to the final audience. Calcus.Tech handles a massive number of requests thereby guaranteeing not only speed but also quality. The application itself has built-in targeting options that allow content to be delivered to precisely those channels that correspond to the main goals of the campaign. According to targeting settings content that previously downloaded by the manager to the admin panel of the application is automatically distributed to the target channels. Explore the detailed case description at (link is external).