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Best and Niche Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

  • Develop a unique voice within your niche and convert visitors into buyers
  • Use storytelling to grow brand loyalty and drive repeat sales
  • Get found on the internet through high-quality, consistent SEO

Best and Niche Marketing develops written content strategies for startups and small business.

Then we execute effective projects and campaigns that grow profits and audience engagement.

In four months, you can have a complete content strategy that bears fruit for years.


From your first landing page to the final follow up email, your customers should know who you are and how you make their lives better.

They should know your story.

They'll pay you for it, too.

Many startups don't understand how they show up to customers. You've got a great product or service. But no one knows what it does. Or why you're different from competitors. Maybe they just don't trust your brand.

Many businesses fail because they don't have a clear content and branding strategy. That's a scary thought.

Best and Niche can help you.

A Quick Bio

First, here's my story. I'm TJ Neathery and I'm probably one of the few marketing writers on this platform with a Master's in Creative Writing. In fact, that's my niche! I offer comprehensive content strategies that seamlessly combine creativity with data-driven solutions.

Your web developer can code a killer site, but can they provide good content? You find a blog writer, but can they create content for a long-term strategy that truly grows your brand? Look, even most SEO writers can get a little stuffy with their keyword stuffing.

After a few years running marketing campaigns for other employers, I started Best and Niche Marketing to fill this overlooked space.

I provide content that pops, strategy that works, and results backed up by data. That's what's truly unique about Best and Niche Marketing.


Best and Niche doesn't offer one-off projects. We develop and execute long-term strategies for startups and small businesses.

Our suite of strategic offerings often include:

  • Website copy
  • SEO analysis and writing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Blogs
  • Website visitor data tracking


​Best and Niche Marketing is selective with our clients. Our partner companies are one of two things: you either have the potential to be the best in your niche or the potential to carve out a completely different space. Hence our name. We take on frontrunners in new and emerging product categories.

​When you work with Best and Niche Marketing, you receive tailored strategies rooted in data and your unique brand and business model.

Common results from working with Best and Niche Marketing:

  • Lower bounce rates and better website conversions
  • A clear corporate story that delights potential customers
  • Better SEO search rankings
  • Content that develops relationships with customers
  • Data that clearly explains why projects succeed

Last Thing

Have you ever told yourself, "I'm not a writer." If so, then you're in good hands.

Best and Niche's motto is "Words make money!"

Send me an email, tell me about your platform, and I will let you know how a comprehensive content strategy can grow and safeguard your business.


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Best and Niche Marketing

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Digital Marketing Agency

Agency size: 1-2
Year founded: 2019
Min. project size: $ 800
Min. hourly rate: 35 $/h
Min. monthly rate: 900 $/month
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  United States
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