Full Service Digital Agency

  • Fruits actually get the full picture, from the ground of the product to the end-user
  • Able to spend resources and funds the most effective way with positive and high ROI
  • Grown as the strongest BA / UX agency with highhanded senses of beauty

We are Digital Creative Agency Fruitware.

We've been raised on the mix of the digital — 📺 Ads and 🖥 Arts. UX/UI, mobile- and web-dev, really impossible timeframes and empty specs pushed us beyond the limits and develop high-productive sense of beauty. It's been almost 9 years since we've made the first step of this endless way to the top.

We've released as much as 468 projects 🚀 and over 30 had launch campaigns, were about products and brands. We did nation-wide activations, fire conversion boosts and won real profit growth as the result.

👷‍♀️And we've learned the lesson. Reckless to act like ‘all of a piece’ agencies, building another top-design-team by keeping sharp and narrow focus on the design itself.

The majority of well-qualified and talented behave even worth: they do crafting and become the narrowest pros. No turnkey, no launch — just bunch of a screens and dozen of days to pay much attention to any detail. Like hundreds of researches ends up in three-screen high-fidelity wireframe to prove some UX concept / or to showcase stunning, mind-blowing UI. What kind of product is it?

So as a creative digital agency, baked with strong dev-team we do understand the full picture, from the ground business-idea to the beau monde of target audience.

And the real market product, especially one which dare to build the bridge between digital and real worlds has so many points of impact and so much to improved... With VERY limited resources☝️

When you’re diving deep into the details — you’re risking to limit the product with the one-shoot or worth skittle away the funds and left no better off than at the start.

Better to do something which moves the product forward fast and prevent it from loosing agility in front of the market call.

👌 Thus truly successful businesses showing the skill to focus on what is vital right now and changing the course before the wind changes.

The ability to spend time, funds and “shots” the most effective way is the only modern Holy Grail and we're questing it continuously 😉

So, yeah, we’re different but in the very effective way which enables us to face tough challenges and move on.

P.S. Past year we've made huge progress on the global market (thanks to our bros from NY and Germany) Now 🍐-Digital is much more about launching Italian campaigns, doing some Baltic SMM, and riding the bully like we’re rednecks from Texas rather then swimming in the muddy dirty slow-waters of homeland b2b.


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Company details

Full Service Digital Agency

Agency size: 10-19
Year founded: 2012
Min. project size: $ 9000
Min. hourly rate: 50 $/h
Min. monthly rate: 6500 $/month
Main Location
  Chișinău, Chișinău, Moldova
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Amigo Credit
Banking/Finance Custom Software Development, Digital Strategy, Full-service Digital Marketing, UX UI Design, Website Development
OM Active
Food & Beverage Website Marketing, Website Strategy, Web Design, Website Development
Squad Runner
Startups Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Design

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Serge Beresnev
Serge Beresnev
Iaroslava Ostrovscaia
Iaroslava Ostrovscaia
Creative Gorgeousness
Vitalii Covalenco
Vitalii Covalenco
Visuals Organizer
Dimitri Karabetskiy
Dimitri Karabetskiy
Mobile Team Cook

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