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LSI Media helps companies digitally transform: beyond just adding new capabilities, beyond a traditional “lift and shift” cloud migration and beyond just changing the “Status Quo”. We take a fully integrative, services-centric approach that incorporates changes in culture as well as an innovation in technology.

Digital Transformation involves taking a journey, this journey involves multiple connected goals that strive to take an organization toward continuous optimization across processes and divisions.

The result is an Ecosystem for connected services that share data across multiple platforms.

LSi Media LLC

Company details

Full Service Digital Agency

Agency size: 10-19
Year founded: 2011
Min. project size: $ 3500
Min. hourly rate: 105 $/h
Main Location
  Leesburg, Virginia, United States
Target markets
  Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  Dulles, Virginia, United States
  California, USA
  New York, USA
  Florida, USA
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Full Service Digital Services

Captivating, Effective & Responsive Videos

Creating Social Media Solutions that integrate seamlessly with your companies’ website and carry your message to customers

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$3,500to start
  •  14 day money back guarantee
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Our work

Non-profit Digital Branding, Support and Maintenance, Web Design
Education Social Media Marketing, Creative Digital, Digital Branding, Video Production, Website Development
Health & Beauty Startup Development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Branding, Web Design, Website Development

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Idris Grant
Idris Grant
Sabine Grant
Sabine Grant
Chris Grant
Chris Grant
Vice President
Jerry Merrouni
Jerry Merrouni
Sales Coordinator

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