Magnivis Agency

Full Service Digital Agency

  • Building websites, APPS and SAAS platforms for 13 years.
  • Battle-tested paid and organic lead acquisition programs.
  • Always using cutting-edge tech for our savvy clients.

MAGNIVIS is the latin word for "A Great Force".

We make our clients a great force in their businesses.

Magnivis is a hybrid agency / business development consultancy. We learn each clients' business and build out solutions, both out-of-the-box and custom, to help them improve their ROI in their business. We put in place battle-tested marketing strategies and can build SAAS solutions for custom data harvesting and marketing automation - it's what we do! We help our clients completely develop their businesses. Give us a shout for a free consultation and see if you are a fit.


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Magnivis Agency

Company details

Full Service Digital Agency

Agency size: 3-9
Year founded: 2016
Min. project size: $ 500
Min. hourly rate: 25 $/h
Main Location
  East Northport, New York, United States
Company profiles:

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Our work

Automotive Web App development
Bug Bandit Exterminating
Business services Startup Development, Paid Advertising and Media, Digital Branding, Web Design, Website Development
Sokoloff Stern
Legal Data and Analytics, Digital Branding, Digital Strategy, Full-service Digital Marketing, Support and Maintenance

Our clients

Key people

Gene Waxman
Gene Waxman
Founder and CEO
John Jordan
John Jordan
Business Development
Head of SAAS & Web Development

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