Pay-per-click Advertising Agency

  • Former Googler AdWords Country Manager
  • Former Googler UK AdWords
  • ROI Focussed Agency

As a team of ex-Googlers, we managed the UK & Ireland, South African, & Israeli business for Google AdWords. Let us use our inside knowledge to help you maximise your marketing investment.

Get started today with a PPC audit, we will look at the good, bad and ugly of your existing PPC campaigns, and highlight areas we would look to improve.


Company details

Pay-per-click Advertising Agency

Agency size: 3-9
Year founded: 1998
Min. project size: $ 1500
Min. hourly rate: 70 $/h
Main Location
  Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
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The Energy Smart Group
Natural resources Paid Advertising and Media, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Strategy, Web Design
Healthcare Paid Advertising and Media

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Andrew Bruce
Andrew Bruce

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