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Mobile App Development Company

NectarBits provides mobile app development services at affordable rates and customizable solutions. Skills and Experience:


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Mobile App Development Company

Agency size: 20-49
Year founded: 2009
Min. project size: $ 1000
Min. hourly rate: 25 $/h
Main Location
  Elmhurst, New York, United States

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Yolo Perks : Android Application
Project Description Yolo Perks is the most fun you’ve ever had from an app. Visit any participating business for your chance to win valuable discounts every day! Plus you can receive gifts from your favourite places just for being a great customer. No more schlepping around punch cards or waiting an eternity to earn a ho-hum reward. When it comes to a fun experience all you need is Yolo Perks. SHARE THE LOVE Don’t keep the savings to yourself! Share your gifts with friends and spread the word on Facebook when you win a prize that rocks. Your first scan at participating businesses enrolls you in their Yolo Perks program – it’s that easy! Visit us at yoloperks.com to learn more and like us on facebook.com/yoloperks for even more chances to win great prizes.
DNS Associate
Project Description (link is external) An Application to record expenses mileage allowances and submit receipts. Also shows customer real time info on how much they have taken from the company in the form of wages and dividends how much tax to pay customer balances supplier balances.Great app to keep your finances of business under control.
Project Description (link is external) Hubilo is changing the dynamics of event management and social networking. Hubilo is the newest app on the block that helps organizers attendees and sponsors to connect on one single platform. Hubilo empowers people to manage and organize several events skillfully and in real-time. It is a mobile application that helps organizers to connect with their attendees and send out notifications in real time publish the event description agenda and schedule. Hubilo also brings you in contact with people who share similar interests and bond with them over chats.

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