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Website Development Company

We are full-stack web development team focused on startups, small business and mid-market companies to achieve their goals

  • Python/Django, JavaScript/React, React Native
  • Design and development sprints
  • Focused to deliver best results

We work with technologies elegant in design and productive in the real world. We’ve chosen our tech stack considering advantages it brings to web development. We don't engage in projects where Python/Django and/or JavaScript/React are not core technologies. Focusing on what we know the best is how we ensure that we can consistently deliver great work and results.

We use weekly Sprints to deliver results regularly and Design Sprint process to break long term development without results.

In general, we focus on web development as all the software we write is web-facing from administration to interface.

Where a mobile application is a natural choice we use React Native to build a cross-platform app for iOS and Android to stay within the budget and deadlines.

We work with our clients to create magnificent web experiences and solve many new challenges in modern web development.

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Our process

  1. First contact, Discovery, and Planning
    We start by appointing a primary contact, a single person who will act as a point of contact whenever there is doubt whom to contact or a specific developer is not available.
    Understanding what is required and splitting the project in actionable deliverables in a priority order that makes the most sense for you is the main goal of this phase.
    Detailing out requirements can be done with wireframing, design sprints or functional prototyping. After discovery and planning, we will provide a detailed time/budget estimate for each deliverable.
  2. Development and Deployment
    Each deliverable can be executed as a separate project.
    We kick start the development with a no-design prototype feel or work with a design style guide provided by the client.
    After deployment to production, we are making sure the system and integrations are working as expected.
  3. Maintenance and Support
    Based on project requirements we provide maintenance and support to make sure that the product of our cooperation works as expected long after we’re done with development.
    In rare cases where the client doesn’t want or need maintenance and support, we do our best to provide what’s required so that the project moves on without us.

Company details

Company profile:   LinkedIn
Year founded: 2015
Agency size: 10-19
Min. project size: $ 10000
Min. hourly rate: 55 $/h
  Strojarska cesta 20, Zagreb, Croatia

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Our work

Dev Staff Augmentation for Custom Dev Firm
Technology Custom Software Development
Financial Platform Dev for Fintech Firm
Banking/Finance Custom Software Development
App Dev for Hospitality Platform
Hotels Custom Software Development

Our clients

Key people

Aljosa Mohorovic
Aljosa Mohorovic
Team lead, Co-founder
Vedran Vojvoda
Vedran Vojvoda
Team lead, Co-founder
Mario Slepcevic
Mario Slepcevic
Software Engineer
Dora Skrmeta
Dora Skrmeta
Software Engineer

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