• Experience from 1000s of startups
  • Honest feedback
  • Accelerating best ideas

We love to work with startups because this is where we've found success before and this where we are the most effective - from positioning, attracting investments to design and launching products. 

Our personal network is very startup focused and specialized. We can provide not only a fair assessment of an idea but also a detailed estimate on a price to build it. Very often we become a long-term tech partner for startups we work with. Our experience allows us to ask the right questions to help to shape ideas and plan solutions and technologies. And for early stage projects it's important to do it within a budget. 

Our clients can always count on our honest feedback and when we're working together, we're always accessible to meet in our office or over a video call. Over the first meeting we'll tell you what can be done and what similar projects we've worked on before. The second meeting is for detailed requirements gathering after which we'd come up with a more detailed estimate for time and pricing. 

Since we're working with startups, we're very careful with where do we spend our client money. With the best projects we may become their partner and this is how we show we truly believe in your idea. 

We have a proven track record to deliver projects that can raise external funding, which gives us a strong portfolio where practically everyone we've worked with have raised at least one round. This is possible because if there is a project we believe there is no way it can work, we openly say it. And if you decide to work with us, we'll do the best we can and deliver what's possible within the budget.

We provide strong guidance for companies we work with and become their partner to achieve their goals. You can always count on that extra bit of consultation that is based on our experience with other products and user flows - which way to go and what to expect from choosing one way or another.

Our clients also benefit from our experience reviewing pitch decks - we will help to design and structure them since we know all the details you need to include. 

Tech Alchemy

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Startup Development Company

Website: techalchemy.co
Agency size: 20-49
Year founded: 2016
Min. project size: $ 6500
Min. hourly rate: 50 $/h
  London, United Kingdom
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