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Web App Development Agency

Our core specialization is e-commerce web development. As a Shopify Partner, we provide individual solutions to Shopify and are always up to date regarding software and technology.

Founded in 2016, we are an EU-based company with a presence in Kyiv, Ukraine. We combine in-house and outsourcing models to reach a balance between flexibility and continuity.


Our genuine passion is to help customers move forward through our attention to detail, the understanding of how business works, and the aspiration to find a perfect solution.


E-Commerce Website DevelopmentUX UI DesignWeb App development


Ruby on RailsShopifyReact.js


VT Labs

Company details

Web App Development Agency

Website: www.vtlabs.org
Agency size: 3-9
Year founded: 2016
Min. hourly rate: 40 $/h
Main Location
  Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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Our work

Shopify Store
Retail E-Commerce Website Development

Key people

Alexander Borodin
Alexander Borodin
Alex Borodin
Alex Borodin

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