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Webstr is a one-man agency that develop websites in WordPress. My speciality is finding ways and solutions to get plugins and functions to work well together without any coding or modifying of code.

I`m also a Certified Facebook Ads Reporting Specialist and can help client get the most out of their ads and budget.


Company details

Website Development Company

Website: webstr.no
Agency size: 1-2
Year founded: 2019
Min. project size: $ 0
Min. hourly rate: 40 $/h
Main Location
  Moss, Ostfold, Norway
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Our work

Moss Renholdtjenester AS
Utilities Web Design, Website Development
Karlander Invest AS
Real estate Web Design, Website Development
Gründerøkonomi AS
eLearning Web Design, Website Development

Our clients

Key people

Tor-Arne Pettersen
Tor-Arne Pettersen

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