Automated quoting

Win new clients by responding to their requirements immediately with an instant cost estimate or price quote

Benefits of automated quoting:

  •  Automatically generate professional looking quotes
  •  Create quotes with speed and accuracy
  •  Save up to 25% of sales reps time
  •  Easily maintain pricing
  •  Never lose a deal because of not processing lead in time
  •  Automate your business process

Is Automated Quoting fo you?

If you agree to at least one of the statements below, quoting automation is a solution to improve sales process of your company

  •  I’d rather work with qualified leads than with price inquirers;
  •  I have missed an opportunity to win a client because of not being able to process the lead fast enough;
  •  I am receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from potential clients;
  •  My quote documents have many entries and require a lot of time to be adjusted and created;
  •  I would be happy to free up time for the key people in our organization and spend it on something else.

Fulfilli Automated Quoting

Sell complex and custom services with an online price calculator (configurator).

Our online price calculator (configurator of services) is a simple online multiple-choice form. We ask your client about their requirements within the scope of your services and their answers are automatically translated into a detailed cost estimate or a direct quote.

Automate the initial price quoting

Use cases

Automated pricing for web leads

With Fulfilli’s automated pricing calculator, you can turn your web leads into marketing qualified leads, generate simple project briefs and automatically create and distribute cost estimates or sales quotes.

A sales enhancement tool for internal use

Sales teams use Fulfilli calculator to communicate the pricing while on the phone with a prospect.

For partners and resellers

Your partners and resellers can speed up their sales process by calculating your pricing remotely without your direct involvement.

Implementation process

Agency Assessment
Initial setup
Ongoing optimization

Agency Assessment

We will assess your current lead acquisition and sales processes as well as how much time is spent on collecting project requirements and generating proposals for your prospects. We would see how defined and standardized your services are, what is the quoting volume and how much of the sales people time we can save by automating project briefing and quoting.

Initial setup

When we have a clear picture about your sales process, services and pricing, we will propose the logic, how the automation can be implemented. After we agree on the questions we ask to your prospects and the logic to translate them into services, we would design and implement the form in your style and colors.

Ongoing optimization

When the project briefing and quoting automation is implemented, we analyze the KPIs and optimize for better results continuously.

Automate quoting for your agency

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